Meet Mocha

Our kind hearted Mocha was transferred from a local shelter. Her owner surrendered her when they could not handle her diabetes. 

Since being in foster care her diabetes has been well managed and she is flourishing.  Don't let her diagnosis scare you away from falling in love with this amazing gal! Diabetes is not scary or difficult. It just requires a couple injections a day and a special diet. There are prescription foods but diabetes can be managed well with canned Friskies Pate (seafood is best) or Pate canned 9 Lives or any other Pate canned food.  Best news of all if managed very well cats can go into remission from diabetes! 

Mocha is hoping that there is family out there that will give her a chance, look past her condition and see her for the amazing, precious sweetheart she is. She enjoys to be brushed and loves attention. Please don't over look this precious girl! Give her a chance, you won't regret it. 

If you are unsure about diabetes the rescue has resources and help for you! We will support you through the transition.