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Kiara came to us from a shelter that wanted to help her but was unable to. Purrhaps was more than happy to take the sweet little girl in.

Kiara was mostly blind due to an illness as a kitten that caused both her third eyelids to become inflamed and eventually, due to the untreated illness, the conjunctivia became adhered to the cornea. This had to surgically be removed from her eyes.

Once the surgery was done Kiara was able to see but her eyes were still a bit wonky and occasionally during allergy season would run. As we got applications in nobody would take a chance on Kiara. Everyone worried about her eyes and the occasional drainage even though meds were not required for her condition...it was just who she was and she thought she was pretty normal.

A wonderful man wanted to adopt a cat that was good with dogs and that would click with his family. I gave him some choices of cats that were dog friendly and one was Kiara. I never expected him to want to meet her but that was the first one he chose!

Kiara is now home with her new furever family!