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About Catherine

Catherine started her years in animal care and welfare working at a humane society. What started as a summer job for single mother, became so much more as she feel in love with each and every little unwanted soul. Starting as a kennel attendant and then rising up the ranks to Medical Supervisor, Catherine always had a special spot for the special needs animals and feral cats. 

Seeing the need to find placement to avoid euthanasia, Catherine created a new program, known as a Career Cats, where feral cats get placed into barns, farms, warehouses or wherever a mouser might be needed. She was drawn to the unadoptables, the sick and the ones who may not ever find a home. She could pet the most fractious of cats, get a diabetic into remission and keep sickly kittens alive. 

But animal welfare doesn’t just stop at one happy ending, there were still so many that still needed help. As she soaked up every piece of medical knowledge, Catherine decided to change gears by leaving her accounting degree behind and start a new venture into becoming a licensed veterinary technician. As life’s pathways led her away from the shelter world, she could never stop being a rescuer. 

Starting her own rescue was a dream that took time and a lot of heart but necessary all the same. Purrhaps It’s Serendipity is a sanctuary, a place of refuge and safety for the animals who have no where to go and no one to love them. It’s focus is on special needs, medical cases and the ones who don’t fit the traditional definition of adoptable. It exists as a safe harbor and a clear opportunity for life for unwanted, stray or special needs cats or kittens. 

There will always be a bowl of food, a warm bed and safety for any cat or kitten who may need it. Purrhaps also works along side shelters and other rescue with a common goal to save more lives and reduce euthanasia numbers. Purrhaps does more than just adoption, it also works to control cat colonies by TNR efforts and spay and neutering cats quickly and efficiently to keep the out of shelters. 

Purrhaps is a rescue founded on the belief that all animals deserve safety. No matter what their story is, friendly or fractious, healthy or sick they are all safe at Purrhaps It’s Serendipity, Inc.