Our Sanctuary

Purrhaps It’s Serendipity Inc (P.S.) does not only rescue and adopt out cats to loving families, we are also a sanctuary to those that do not find their forever homes for one reason or another.  We are a free roam safe haven for the cats in our rescue and we will never euthanize for space or adoptability. We believe that every life is precious and deserves a chance to live safely and comfortably free from pain and suffering. 

We have several cats that fall into the category of “sanctuary cat”. Most are elderly or have a condition that the average adopter does not want to take on when adopting a new family member. However, this is not to say if the perfect fit applied and was approved for some of our sanctuary cats, that P.S. would not adopt these specific kitties out or even send them to a fospice situation. What is fospice you say? A fospice is a foster/hospice home for our cats that have special needs or is considered senior and needs a safe comfortable loving home to spend their golden years. P.S. pays for all medical including medications or any unforeseen veterinary expenses.

How It Started.......

Boots - don’t let his cute cliché name fool ya! This 21-year-old grumpy ole man is a force to be reckoned with! This feisty guy came to the rescue 6 years ago when his owner surrendered him to a local shelter for inappropriate urination. The man dropped Boots off with nothing but a bed with his name on it and no goodbye.  

Boots was skinny, matted, scared eyes from years of neglect of his agenesis of the eyes. It was easy to say Boots was in very rough shape and in horrible health. Not adoptable!  I immediately fell in love and knew I had to save this cat. When I saw Boots for the first time, I scooped him up in my arms, gave him a huge hug, and whispered in his ear, “you’re safe now!” And he hugged me right back and smiled. From that moment on Boots has been with me and has been my best friend. 

It didn’t take me long to figure out the reason why Boots had begun urinating inappropriately, from his clinical signs I knew he was diabetic and after bloodwork my suspicions were affirmed. I began Boots on insulin injections and a strict diet of Friskies Pate only canned food and quickly got his diabetes under control. His bloodwork and the condition he was in when he came to the shelter was very poor and the shelter vet gave him a grave prognosis and about 6 months to live.  6 years later this grumpy ole man is still the love of my life, my heart cat! 

This ole guy has run my household for 6 years and not one cat (not even Possum) will challenge him. He has gone in and out of remission from his diabetes over the years, his kidneys aren’t so hot, and he has had multiple UTI’s and the anemia we found 6 years ago never was remedied even after so many treatments. But this guy keeps on keepin’ on even when he has a slump and I think this is it…he bounces back as if nothing happened. I know it won’t be long before I have to make that tough decision, which will cut me down to my soul, but I cherish each and every moment with this amazing cat and I have been blessed to have him in my life! 

Boots is the reason why I decided to start a rescue of my own and the reason I concentrate on special needs and the old and unwanted! These cats deserve to live their lives in a loving home and not a shelter! Their golden years should be just that, golden!