Meet Rhett

Meet Rhett our newest addition to our rescue from Currituck Shelter. He sadly was passed up for several months due to his one funny eye. Our friend, Paxton Feline Rescue, reached out to us in hopes that we could take this kiddo on, and of course we accepted.

Rhett was called Libre but we had to change it due to how handsome this guy is! His black coat with the smoke gray mane is absolutely striking against his striking yellow eyes. He is still a bit hesitant when he gets big hugs and smooches from me but he tolerates it well. His favorite thing is back scritches and pets. He has perfected the elevator butt! (If you are a cat person you know all about the elevator butt!)

Our vet has looked at his eye and had good news that he believes it won’t need surgery, just eye drops for a couple of weeks. We are hopeful that this will help his eye heal in time. He will have a bit of scarring for his life most likely but this won’t

He gets along well with other cats and wants to be a friend to everyone. He continues to try to be friends with even the mean cats in the rescue. He really doesn’t understand why they don’t like him so he just keeps trying. Dogs…we have not yet introduced him to the dogs in the rescue since he is very new and still adjusting, that will come in time.

Rhett is about 8 months old, current on vaccines, neutered, microchipped, negative for FIV/FeLV and ready for his chance at a family. He is available for adoption and if adopted prior to finishing his eye drops they will be sent with him. If you are interested in Rhett please fill out our online application or contact us via email at