Meet Red

Hi there! My name is Red. And I'm just patiently waiting for someone to choose me! I have been in rescue for a long time, and have watched my brother and sister find homes, and several other fosters come and go. So here is a bit about me so hopefully I can find my forever family!

I am a brave and adventurous red head, but I do have my snuggly, sweet side. I enjoy naps on the couch after a long day of bird watching and bug chasing. I love to run and climb so my foster mom has lots of cat trees and things for us to climb! I love to pretend I’m climbing the hugest tree ever! I am a social butterfly when I want to be, but I do have an independent side so no worries if you must work during the day…I am fine being on my own.

I live with a bunch of cats currently, and I don’t mind them, but I also like being the center of attention. I don’t necessarily want a brother or sister unless they also prefer to be left alone to do their own thing. I am kind of a diva that enjoys being the center of attention, but I do like a couple of the kitties in my household. I enjoy being pet and such but just as any red head I have strong opinions and will let you know when its time for that sort of thing.

Dogs aren’t that bad. I have two doggie friends, but they don’t really bother me or really care much about us cats. As far as the young small two-legged things my foster mom calls kids, I don’t care much for them. They are loud and scary.

Anyway, that is a bit about me. I hope you contact my foster mom and ask about me!