Meet Opossum! This boy is the big boss of the sanctuary. At 9 years old and standing at 4 feet tall from tip of tail to tip of toes when on his hind legs, he rules his colony with a gentle touch. He saunters around commanding respect from all with just a look and an air of confidence.

Possum has been with sanctuary from the very beginning. He has grown up with kittens, ferals, and has seen many cats come to the rescue and leave the rescue. He owns the neighborhood and loves his indoor/outdoor life. However, he must have a warm spot on the bed at night, he is a bit spoiled. 

He came to the rescue as a kitten when his mom refused to feed him so he became the first bottle baby I have ever had. He grew up quickly and was a very calm, cool, collected kiddo. However, as a teen he did end up with urinary issues and developed crystals and became blocked a few times. He is now on a special diet and medication to help his urinary tract stay healthy.  

Even with his rough start with a momma that refused to feed him and his urinary issues this boy is the biggest lover of them all!