Meet Jonesy

This handsome debonair boy will steal your heart! He was transferred into the rescue with Pisces from an overcrowded shelter about a year ago (Spring of 2022). The shelter asked for help since they were afraid that Jonesy was feral. Just like we found out with Pisces, Jonesy was not feral. Just scared of the shelter. In a matter of days, we were petting Jonesy and he was actively asking for attention and food with soft meows. As the days went on, he now lets us pick him up, smooch his face and he gives head boops!

Jonesy is our small resident tiger and king of his realm. He walks the halls with a tiger’s gait and stalks his toys with enthusiasm. He is very cautious and alert to all that happens in his territory. He climbs to the tippy top of the tower and surveys his land quietly. He has the cheeks of a tom cat and the physique to match; he really is the most handsome orange boy. He is a bit cautious at first, and if introduced to a new home would do best in his own room for a few weeks until he trusts you. Food is the way to his heart. And he really enjoys walking around or running around with his roommate Pisces.

Jonesy does well with certain cats. In the rescue he doesn’t do particularly well with the other power cats, and the timid cats that run from him he takes advantage of occasionally. He gets along very well with our resident Pisces, Spicey and King Julian. All of which ignore him, are not dominant or timid, and mind their own business, except for our crazy goof Pisces who is still a juvenile.

Jonesy is about 2 years old, neutered, microchipped, current on vaccines, and tested negative for FIV and FeLV. If you feel Jonesy is a fit for your family please fill out an application, email me at or find us on Facebook.